EMDR-based group therapy for traumatized refugee preschoolers

Ben, the Bear

An EMDR-based group treatment of refugee preschoolers with post-traumatic stress

Content of the half-day seminar

The concept and manual were designed to work with post-traumatically stressed preschoolers in the group setting of kindergartens.

The aim is to activate and strengthen resources, reduce post-traumatic stress and to stimulate the processing of stressful experiences.

The concept was developed on the basis of EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) and the AIP model (Adaptive Information Processing Model) by Francine Shapiro. Elements of therapeutic storytelling as well as the application of the Butterfly Hugs according to Ignacio Jarero & Lucy Artigas have been adapted.

For whom?

The seminar is aimed for trained EMDR therapists with experience in working with younger children.

The half-day seminar will be offered again in autumn 2024.
If you are interested, pre-registration is already possible.

The three-hour event (4 units) will take place in Bonn, costs: 160,-€ per person.

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