EMDR for acutely or chronically ill children and adolescents April 2024 in Bonn

After the workshop the participants will

  • Increased their sensitivity and knowledge of children’s particular ways of expressing themselves,
  • increased their sensitivity and knowledge about how children and adolescents might behave after medical interventions,
  • increased their awareness of the needs of chronically ill children and adolescents,
  • know techniques to activate resources in the child’s environment,
  • have enhanced skills to reduce de-stabilising factors/influences in the child’s environment,
  • be able to create positive body experiences/memories.

The contents of the seminar will be taught in a combination of lecture, video presentations, work in small groups and individual exercises. Please bring paper and crayons.

The seminar will take place on April 20, 2024 in BONN/Germany in presence.

Registration: info@emdr-ausbildung-traumatherapie.de

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